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What about scientific evidence for the end of the world?

If you have gone through this website from top to bottom, you have read about the different people and cultures who have claimed to know when the end of the world will happen. 

All of these prophecies are based on belief.  Some because the people giving the prophecies have already seemed to describe future events accurately.  Others because signs described in the prophecy may have already taken place, or seem to be taking place now.

We are a technologically based society.  For many, simple belief is not enough to base the end of the world on.  They want something more concrete.  They want hard facts.  They want scientific evidence that can give better proof.  If not exactly when and where the world will end, they want at least something tangible.

Is there scientific evidence that can give a rational basis for the end of the world in December 2012?  

One of the theories presented lately, is about a rogue planet orbiting our sun that hasn’t yet been discovered by astronomers, or has it?  This planet, commonly known as Planet X, is said to orbit the sun every 3600 years, and those who subscribe to the theory, say that it is making its return now.   

These people, some of whom have impressive credentials, believe that this isn’t the first time this planet has passed close enough to cause extinction level events.  Some even believe this Planet X is inhabited, and visitors from Planet X experimented on early hominids, creating modern humans.  What are the chances that such a planet exists, and could it cause the destruction of Earth in 2012?

There are two celestial events that we know will happen in the year 2012.  The first is what is called Solar Max.  This event is part of an 11 year cycle that we have gone through since the Earth was formed. 

Solar Max is supported by past observation, and enough scientific evidence to call it a fact.  This time however, could be different.  Because we are so dependent on technology, solar storms now have the ability to literally knock us back to the Stone Age.

The other event that is happening currently, is the weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field.  Scientists have found that the magnetic field of our planet reverses every several thousand years.  This reversal is proceeded by a weakening of the field, and magnetic spikes around the planet at various times before the shift finalizes.  When this happens, it could cause anything using electricity to become useless.  

Coupled with the side effects of Solar Max, it is more than possible that loss of satellites and power outages might be the least of our worries.  We could be looking at an Extinction Level Event, where deadly radiation from our own sun could kill off most life on the planet in 2012.

In addition to the magnetic shift of the planet, there are those who believe that there will be a physical shift of the Earth’s crust also.  The crust sets on a molten layer of magma, and it is believed that when the magnetic shift happens, it will cause the Earth’s crust to shift, the molten magma acting like a giant bearing.  Such a shift of the Earth’s crust would reshape the face of the planet.

The Changing Earth theory bases its conclusions on both scientific and spiritual grounds.  Two different people, using completely different methods, have come up with amazingly similar prophecies about just what the Earth may look like after 2012

Each has drawn a map of what the US, and the world will look like after the change.  If such a change does happen, knowing where will be safe, will be invaluable.

Another celestial event that will happen on December 21st 2012, is the alignment of the sun, with the center of the galaxy, and the Galactic Rift.  This Galactic Alignment is said to be the reason why the Mayan calendar ends on that day.  

There may be scientific evidence to show that this alignment may cause destriction on a global scale, due to gravitational, and other factors.  What will happen when everything aligns, and will there be a safe place on Earth?

One of the newest prophets isn’t even human.  In the 1990's the Web Bot Project was developed to analyze trends in the Stock Market.  What they found was that this program can actually predict the future. 

This of course wasn’t what they were trying to do, it was only realized after the fact, when they noticed that what they thought was “noise” in the program, had actually predicted the attack on 9-11-2001.  The Web Bot Project has predicted several events for the next few years leading up to December 21, 2012 that would change life as we know it.

A lot of these theories use current events to predict that the world will end on or around December 21, 2012, and you will find they are all interconnected.  These events as described are very plausible, and even inevitable over a long period of time.  There is more than enough scientific evidence for this.  

The question is, will 2012 be that time?

Another possibility that isn't talked about as much, is a man-made disaster.  Since the fall of the Soviet Union, people haven't thought about Nuclear War as much, but it is still a real and present threat. 

Terrorists are searching out ways to get material for nuclear bombs, several unstable governments already have most of the components to build and deliver nuclear weapons.  The end of the world as we know it may happen not because of a rogue planet, or other celestial event, but because someone pressed a button.

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