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There are rumors of prophecies of individual Seers, who have chosen December 12, 2012 as the end of the world.  It has become the date that everyone is looking to. They want to know if the world will end, and what evidence there is to support that idea. 

Throughout history there have been certain people who it is said, have had the ability to see future events.  Most people in modern Western culture are familiar with Prophets as they are described in the Bible, but there are others in more recent history who have claimed, or had attributed to them, the title of Prophet, also.

In ancient Greece, there were the Cybil’s of the Temple of Apollo, in Delphi.  These were young Priestesses who sat in a swing, suspended by a tripod over a rift in the ground.  Vapors were said to rise from the rift, giving the Priestesses the Gift of Prophecy. 

When asked a question about the future, the Priestess would answer with random sounding words and phrases.  These would then be given to a Priest of Apollo, who would interpret the actual meaning of the prophecy.  Delphi is probably the best known of the ancient world’s prophetic sites, giving prophecies of individual Seers, but there were many others.

After Christianity became the dominant religion of the Western World, it codified and created its own set of Prophets.  These were people who were said to have talked to God directly, or through Divine Messengers. 

All of these Prophets lived before, or around the time of Christ, and their prophecies were included in the Bible by the Council of Nicaea. The Bible is full of prophecies of individual Seers.

There were other prophets who came later.  Some claimed to get their information from a Divine source, others did not.  Some of these people, due to strict Christian teachings of their time, had to hide, or disguise their prophecies in ways that would not be detected by the Church.  It was easier to hide their prophetic visions, than to get approval from the Church, since getting approval meant having their prophecies tested by committee, before approval could be gained.

Unfortunately, one of the first tests applied to any prophecy that the Church might look at, was to determine if it really was the Word of God that the alleged Prophet was hearing.  Because these people didn’t claim to be talking to God, or one of His Messengers, (The Virgin Mary, Christ, or Angels) any prophetic announcements would have been deemed as the lies of Satan, and the person labeled a heretic, and most likely killed.

One of the few people to get the blessing of the Church, was a man known as Saint Malachy.  He is said to have named every Pope from the time of the Prophecy, to the end of the world.  He named 112 Popes, of which the current Pope, Benedict XVI is the 111th.  Few prophecies of individual Seers have been as accurate as the prophecies of St. Malachy.

The most famous prophet of all time, was Nostradamus.  He wrote several books of prophecies, known as Centuries.  Each Century contains one hundred prophecies, each containing four lines, or quatrains.  It is said that of all the Prophets known, Nostradamus is the most accurate, and has had the most prophecies come true.

Many prophecies have been attributed to Nostradamus, about the end of the world in December 2012, but what is fact and what is fiction? Did the most famous prophet of all time see the world end on December 12, 2012?

Others, lived in a time when the Church wielded less than absolute power, and were able to be more open about what they claimed to have seen.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean the words they used are any less convoluted. 

Prophecies of individual Seers from the last few centuries tend to be just as open to interpretation as those from an earlier time.  It’s almost as if prophecies must be phrased a certain way, to be believed.  These prophecies must be interpreted, just as the Priests of Apollo had to interpret the words of the Cybil.

The most famous of these modern day prophets is Edgar Cayce.  Known as the Sleeping Prophet, he would lie down on a sofa and enter a sleep-like trance state, where he would begin speaking of past, present and future events.

What events did Edgar Cayce see that relate to the end of the world, and did he name December 21, 2012 as the date?

Less well known by people, is the woman known as Mother Shipton, a prophetess who lived in Renaissance England, and made many predictions about the future.  Did Mother Shipton say anything about the world ending December of 2012?

Even today, there are people who claim to know what the future holds.  Most of these people use the ancient art of astrology to predict the future.  Some with more accuracy than others.  There are many prophecies of individual Seers using astrology to predict massive changes in the world, leading up to December 21, 2012.

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