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Prophecies of cultures such as the Maya, with their calendar, feature December 21, 2012 prominently as a time of great upheaval and destruction.

Every culture that has ever lived has had some story of how the world was created, and also how it will end.  It is human nature to need to explain how things became how they are.  These are the prophecies of cultures.

Modern science tells us that there was nothing until the Big Bang, when everything needed to make the universe as we know it, was created. 

Science tells us that through the natural life cycle of planets and stars all that we know was created.  Humans are a natural outcome of evolution.  Science also says that in another 5 billion years, our sun will expand into a Red Giant, swallowing up the inner planets, including Earth, before releasing most of its mass into space, and shrinking into a Dwarf Star.  While based in science, this can also be seen as a prophecy of culture.

Ancient cultures didn’t have our technology to enable them to make the measurements we can, but they did have the same minds we do.  They were just as intelligent as we are.  Many people make the mistake of assuming that because a culture was more primitive, they were also stupid.  This is how people come up with ridiculous ideas about aliens building the Pyramids.

Did aliens build the Pyramids?  Perhaps, but building the Pyramids didn’t require the intervention of extraterrestrials.  The Egyptians were more than capable of planning, designing, and building such magnificent structures on their own.  It is this dismissal of ancient cultures as stupid that leads to the dismissal of their stories of how the world will end, also.

The Egyptians have a cultural prophecy of how the world will end.  5000 years after the peak of their civilization, what can the Egyptians tell us about 2012 and the end of the world?

The Mayan civilization was just as technologically advanced as the Egyptians.  They had a better understanding of the mechanics of our universe than most modern people do, and they also built Pyramids. 

Probably the most famous part of the Mayan civilization currently, is their calendar.  It has come to be called a prophecy in its own right.  What is the Mayan calendar, how does it work, and does it really foretell the end of the world on December 21, 2012? 

The ancient Chinese used a tool for divination, called the I-Ching.  It’s said that those who know how to use this tool, can predict the future by ritually tossing a set of long thin wooden sticks, and then interpreting the way they fall. 

Terrence McKenna determined through study and research that the I-Ching has a deeper meaning, a pattern.  He believes that this pattern is a time-line that ends December 21, 2012.  Hidden prophecies of cultures are prophecies none the less.

The Norse peoples of the far north are best known for raiding and invading other cultures.  These raiding ventures called Viking by the Norse, is what gave them the name we commonly know them by. 

The Viking culture had their own stories of how the world will end, when the ancient Gods will take part in the destruction of the world, before partying with those mortals deemed worthy, in Valhalla for all of eternity.  When will this time they call Ragnarock, happen, and does it have any significance to 2012?

The Hopi Indians of North America have a prophecy from the distant past that is still handed down today.  The prophecy speaks of nine signs that will be seen by everyone, which will signal that the world is about to end.  How many of these signs have already come to pass, and is there evidence this Hopi prophecy will come to pass in 2012?

The Bible also talks about the end of the world, in the Book of Revelation.  It describes the Second Coming of Christ, and the seven seals that He will break, causing pestilence and disaster that will kill a large percentage of the Earth’s population. 

It also talks about two figures known as The Beast, and the Anti-Christ, who will also cause the death of a significant part of the population.  The Bible has many books that are a set of prophecies of cultures the Holy Lands.

What are the things described in Revelations that proceed the end of the world, are they happening now, and is there direct evidence to link the Second Coming to 2012?

All of these prophecies come from different cultures of the world, and different times, yet they all seem to describe similar events.  Is this coincidence? 

Within the Bible itself, ancient Jewish mystics, called Cabbalists, believed they found a coded message directly from God.  This message has come to be known as the Bible Code.  What does it say about when and how the world will end?

Prophecies of cultures such as the Cabbalists, Vikings, Hopi, Mayans, Chinese, and even the Bible have been used as sources for the belief that the worlds will end in 2012.

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