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If the end of the world really is coming, what can you do to survive 2012?

Well, if you believe that the end of the world means the destruction of the planet, there’s not a lot anyone can do, we’re all gonna die.  If we get hit by another planet, there won’t be anything left. 

On the other hand, if we get hit by an asteroid or meteor, or even a comet, you’ll need someplace safe to ride out the years it will take for the atmosphere to clear of dust, and the sun to warm the surface again.  Even nuclear war is survivable, if you are prepared, and you aren’t within 100 miles or so of any detonations. 

Given that the Soviet Union no longer exists, chances are that any nukes detonating in the West, will be relatively random in placement, so there are likely to be large areas untouched by radiation.  You’ll still need a safe place to shelter during the Nuclear Winter. 

You need a Disaster Plan.

Most of the prophecies say that it will be the end of the world as we know it.  That’s still a very nebulous description, but it does infer that while there may be massive death and destruction, some will survive the devastation.  

Those most likely to survive 2012, are the ones who are prepared to.

The three basic requirements for survival are food, water, and shelter. 

Depending on what happens, food may be the hardest to come by.  It is by far the most perishable of the three resources needed for survival.  Those who have food will be in a position to not only survive, but to decide their own fate.  Those who know how to acquire or raise their own food, will have the leverage to make choices for others, and trade for other things beyond the bare necessities. 

Water is a little less of an issue, if you are prepared.  The planet is two thirds water, but most of that water is undrinkable.  Water sources can be found, and the water can easily be treated to make it drinkable, if you have the right materials and knowledge.  Clean drinkable water will be worth its weight in gold, if you have it.

Shelter is the last of the requirements for survival.  We have to assume that the end of the world as we know it, also means that current shelter will be unusable, unless it is specifically made to withstand natural forces such as earthquakes and violent storms.  Having such a shelter ready and supplied will give any survivors a huge advantage over those who are unprepared, but still survived.

If you have any or all of the three requirements for surviving, you will need a way to protect them from those who do not.  If a simple power outage is enough to cause riots and looting, what will happen after everything we know is gone?

Any shelter and supplies you have will need to be out of reach of having someone just taking them.  This means either a remote location where there isn’t anyone else, or a secure area or compound of some type. 

There are some basic precautions you can take to secure an area you may find, but if you're going to survive 2012, it’s best if you already have one prepared before you need it.

With some planning, you can not only survive 2012, but be relatively comfortable too.  With some basic electronics knowledge, you can create alarms to alert you to intrusions, you can have lights at night, and possibly a way to communicate with others.

You won’t be able to plug the electronics into the wall, so you’ll need some way to generate and store electricity.  You’ll also need a way to convert some of that electricity from the DC current of a battery, to the AC current that you now get from the wall.  This AC current can also be set up to deter others from trying to break in, by electrifying your security arrangements.

All of this can be done after the end, but it will be much easier if you prepare long before.  The better prepared you are, the better your chances of not only surviving, but being comfortable.  The more self sustaining you can make yourself, the better off you will be if civilization falls.

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